For the love of shooting


I’ve been hesitant to switch over to mirrorless. Maybe its the part in me that loves the traditional ways of things: reading magazines and books over e-readers, printed photos, shooting film and in this case, a mirror on my dslr. There’s something about the idea of having an electronic viewfinder and makes me feel like I’m not doing my job as a photographer; like i’m cheating in a way. I mean, the idea of seeing what you get is great but I SHOULD know it.

When the hype of the Sony a7xx emerged, I hated the fact that I’d have to go through menus and dive in to change settings (had the a6000 to start.) On paper, the Sony is great since it gave you the best bang for your buck. With our expensive world nowadays, it’s all about the value. It’s all about getting more for what you spend on. This is great for some but to me its overwhelming. Too much choice & options, I forget what I’m set out to do: photograph. Taking 4k videos, IBIS, eye-focus etc. yea yea. all great stuff but I just want to shoot. That’s when I started looking into the Fuji system. I like the tactile buttons – not to be a hipster but the fact that I just look over at my camera and the dials are there… I miss that about analog cameras.


I was lucky enough to play around with Facundo’s X-Pro2 during at the workshop I attended in Santorini and fell in love with it. As I was browsing at my fave Toronto camera shop, I immediately went for the X-Pro2. It’s a rangefinder style, optical + electronic viewfinder and strictly a photo first, video second camera. The sales person tried to sway me away from it since there are newer and better Fuji cameras but I didn’t want any of that. Call me backwards, I’m not about the feature-rich camera (not to say the x-pro isnt at all!) I just love the experience and freedom that it gave me since I can quickly compose and adjust.. especially with the optical viewfinder. Composing on it is clutch! I can see beyond my frame without bringing my camera down though with longer lenses or zooms, it might not be as useful!

After a few weeks shooting with it, and its nothing but love. love love love. Love the colours, the ergonomics, form factor and style. Its discreet and agile for street shooting. Small enough for travel. Don’t get me wrong, I love my dslr this is definitely a strong contender. Maybe the GFX might be next on the horizon, who knows.